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jack & gwen

Your hosts, Gwen & Jack, are rural Saskatchewan born and raised. They have spent the majority of their lives on farms and in rural communities.


Gwen’s family background fostered a love of the land, animals, nature, serenity and peace that comes with the fortune of being able to spend time in secluded quiet places. She spent many of her adult years involved in finance and culinary creativity. These experiences combined with the organic and nutritious foods that we produce realize a product which is not only abundant in flavor but also very healthy and nutritious.


Jack’s parents and grandparents nurtured the values of sustainable food production and sound stewardship of the land and environment. He was also inspired by his family and ancestors to be free spirited and market savvy. He spent his younger adult years in management in the business world. From five decades of business and sustainable farming he has attained a wealth of knowledge about nature, wildlife and ecosystems.


They both travel extensively not only in Canada but beyond the seas and mountains and collectively understand the challenges and issues in protecting today’s nature, environment and the preservation of land-race food production.


As mentioned in the “About” page they are both committed to the ongoing principals and mission of the Carlton Trail Nature & Wildlife Sanctuary.


They welcome you to join them for one of the offered enriching experiences…..