"From the Past to the Present and into the Future"

Tens of thousands of years ago as the great glaciers crept across what is Saskatchewan today they molded a beautiful valley and waterway which as the ice melted became Lake Savard and the Shell River system. When I first discovered this piece of nature’s beauty in the mid 80’s I felt it would be my responsibility and legacy to preserve what nature had created. To ensure proper stewardship of this Great landscape, to preserve the waterway, lakeshores, forest and wildlife, and along with assistance from the Province of Saskatchewan a non-profit organization called the “The Carlton Trail Nature & Wildlife Sanctuary” was created.


To enable others to enjoy this piece of paradise, ahead lay the tremendous task of putting together an infrastructure and plan. With publicity from Tourism Saskatchewan and national and local television stations help started to come in from various parts of the world. Young men and women from German speaking Europe, England and Canada along with local First Nations came to help build the Carlton Trail Guest Ranch and Sanctuary. The revenues from these two organizations funded the project. Organic farming/ranching was introduced in the late 90’s when I transitioned the farmland into “Carlton Trail Organics”.  The infrastructure and plan is now mostly complete.


As the 90’s came to a close a new chapter was about to open in my life with my marriage to Gwen. Gwen’s love of nature and the outdoors aligned with mine and together we share the dream of preserving the nature and history of the valley.


As we now enter the latter years of our lives the timing seems right to accelerate the focus on preserving nature and wildlife forever. 2018 marks the beginning of “Nature Forever Conservancy ” and its fundamental principles of giving back…. “Nature Forever Conservancy” in association with “The Carlton Trail Nature & Wildlife Sanctuary” will operate as a non-profit organization.

To comply with government regulations of a non-profit organization it will be necessary for adult guests to purchase an annual $10 membership. Listed with each experience is a suggested donation amount. Donations are tax exempt. We welcome all monetary and in-kind donations to assist our cause.

"Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints." ~ Chief Seattle